The Paradigm Insurance Time-to-Value Guide

Simon, a small business owner and a family-man, was struggling to understand what it means to have the right cover. He wanted to get insurance that protects himself, his business and family but he doesn’t want the process to be too complicated.

After learning about Paradigm Insurance, Simon quickly realised that his current dilemma could be easily solved through engaging with a proper broker.

Within 1 month, Paradigm Insurance has helped Simon with the following:

  • Evaluating Simon’s current situation with a ‘needs analysis’
  • Transition to an insurance provider he is most comfortable with
  • Navigate through the ‘dreaded application’ process
  • A health check that was faster than he expected
  • An explanation upfront on costs and comparison with other providers
  • A new insurance policy that provides peace of mind; his income is replaced should he become sick or injured

Learn more about Simon’s insurance journey and start your own by downloading our Time-to-Value Guide below: